Nairobi One day Excursions

Nairobi One day Excursions

Explore the City in the sun
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1 Day excursions
Min Age : 10+
Tour Details

Nairobi National Park | Nairobi Safari Walk | Nairobi Animal Orphanage | Nairobi City Tour  | Karen Blixen Museum | The Giraffe Centre |  Bomas of Kenya | Daphne Sheldricks Orphanage | Carnivore Restaurant

Places to visit

Nairobi National Park - 4 hours.

 The Nairobi National park is located just about 10 kms away from the bustling city centre.  Nairobi National Park is Kenya’s first ever National park is a unique and unspoilt wildlife haven within sight of the city’s skyline. Rhino, buffalo, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, lion and plenty of antelopes and gazelles can be seen roaming in this open plains country with a section of highland forest as well as stretches of broken bush country, deep, rocky valleys and gorges with scrub and long grass. Ornithologists catch with over 300 bird species including the Secretary bird, crowned cranes, vultures, peckers and many more.

Entrance fees: Non-Resident – Adult: USD 50, Child: USD 25 per person.

Nairobi Safari Walk

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a Kenya Wildlife Service Conservation education initiative. You walk along the fenced and raised terrace as you come close to birdlife, lions, trees, leopard, antelopes and much more. Awareness, understanding and appreciation of Kenya’s variety of wild animals, plants in their surroundings, their interdependence and relationship to people is what will be achieved by visitors for a closer interactive and recreative wildlife experience “The Nairobi Safari Walk”

Entrance fees: Adult: USD 25, Child: USD 15 per person.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

It is conveniently located about 7 kms from the city centre on tarmac roads at the Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters. The orphanage is a wider part of the Nairobi National Park – the first to be established in East Africa on the 16th of December 1946. The park makes Nairobi a special capital as it is the only city in world where wild animals live naturally in the wild transforming Nairobi into Africa’s prime safari capital.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage, which was established in 1964, as a refuge for wild animals found abandoned, orphaned or injured across Kenya. The aims of the orphanage were to release the animals into the wild whenever possible, provide conservation education to Kenyans and visitors from all over the world. Over the years, exotic animals’ species not necessarily falling in the categories mentioned above have found their way into the animal orphanage. Nairobi Animal Orphanage is an important educational and training facility, which is housed in the only wildlife protected area in a capital city in the world is often home to more than 20 different animals and bird species. Animals seen include Lion, cheetah, hyena, jackal, very rare sokoke cats, warthog, ostrich, leopard, various monkeys, baboon, buffalo. Nairobi Animal Orphanage today remains the most visited wildlife facility in Kenya and especially by Kenyans because it allows guests up-close viewing of wildlife.

Entrance fees: Adult: USD 25, Child: USD 15 per person.

Nairobi City Tour

This is a short city tour in Nairobi that takes you through the Central Business District viewing the shopping center, City market, parliament buildings, Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) and the Railway station. After this, a brief tour to the snake Park and the National museum a short distance away from the central district.

Entrance fees:

Museum – Adult: USD 8, Child: USD 4 per person

Snake park – Adult: USD 8, Child: USD 4 per person

Karen Blixen Museum

A Short tour to the home of the pioneer coffee farmer, Karen Blixen – of “Out of Africa” fame, is now preserved as a museum. A visit to this museum provides an opportunity to step back in time and gain an insight into this remarkable woman’s life. Views of the Ngong Hills can be admired from the beautifully landscaped gardens of the museum. The Karen Blixen museum is one of a number of very interesting regional museums and archeological and prehistoric sites of the National museums of Kenya, and it continues to be an immensely popular tourist attraction with the same words ‘ I dreamt of Africa’.

Entrance fees: Adult: USD 8, Child: USD 4 per person

The Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Manor was founded by Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville who rescued a baby giraffe named Daisy from a heavily-poached area of western Kenya in 1974, their home has become a household name among wildlife lovers world-wide – and Daisy a star in her own right. Today, Daisy’s home has been opened to the world – and provides what is felt is the very best place to begin or end your safari or if in a conference or transit it worth coming close to wildlife from the bustle of the city where you feed giraffes with your own hands and have the closest touch. Other animals include: the tortoise, warthog and a parrot.

Entrance fees: Adult: USD 10, Child: USD 5 per person

Bomas of Kenya

This tour is best in the afternoon as the highlight which is traditional dances is usually begins after lunch at around 1500 hours. Bomas of Kenya is just about 12 kilometers from the city centre and has numerous homesteads reflecting Kenya’s variety of cultures. A walk to the numerous “bomas” (homesteads) reflecting Kenya’s cocktail of cultures have been re-created j for visitors to experience the traditional village life of the People of Kenya. The highlight of this tour is the colorful display of folk dances from various tribes performed in a splendid arena and acrobats

Entrance fees: Adult: USD 7, Child: USD 3.5 per person

Daphne Sheldricks Orphanage - 1 hour

This is where you visit orphaned Elephants with an opportunity to make a donation. This is where you come close to elephant calves! Daphne Sheldrick As part of the David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation rehabilitates baby elephants and other wildlife here at her home just outside of Nairobi National Park. These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready. Its worth visiting and see humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. They charge a small entrance fees instead you can buy a souvenir or donate for the conservation. Only open to public between 1100hrs to 1200hrs.

Entrance fees: USD 6 per person (donation)

Carnivore Restaurant

The world famous Carnivore is a must for anyone who loves Barbeque. This is a Barbeque with a difference in that not only do they serve your normal beef, pork and chicken but Game meat as well. Giraffe, Gnu, Zebra, Crocodile, Hartebeest and Ostrich are some of the specials that you will find on the menu. The meat is Barbequed on a huge charcoal BBQ right at the entrance to the restaurants. The meat comes with special sauces which are Carnivores secret. Carnivore is an all you can eat restaurant and you are guaranteed very good wining and dining.

Enjoy the carnivore experience either for lunch or dinner. Lunch starts at 1230hrs while dinner is served from 1800hrs. The restaurant is voted as one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world. It’s recommended for dinner at start or end of your safari or a treat out from your hotel. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes are also available. Don’t afford to miss!!!!’Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’.

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